Why Selling on Facebook with Shopify is a good idea?

//Why Selling on Facebook with Shopify is a good idea?

Why Selling on Facebook with Shopify is a good idea?

If you’ve been using the Internet for a while, you probably know what Shopify and what Facebook is. But, did you know that people are selling on Facebook with Shopify now? This is a very successful combination that has helped them grow their businesses fast. Of course, you still need a good product at a good price, but the fact is that integration like this can definitely improve your business operations. But, why would someone want to start selling on Facebook with Shopify? What makes this combo so successful?

With Shopify, you can manage an online retail business without any technical knowledge. In the same way, Facebook lets you promote your Shopify products to Facebook users. These are targeted users that are genuinely interested in your products. The majority of social contacts present on Facebook, but even they may not be informed about your online store. Thanks to Shopify Facebook store integration you will increase the awareness of the existence of your store.

Even though people can run different kinds of ads to get more traffic on their Shopify stores, they must be persuaded again in order to purchase things. In other words, you will have to go through a long conversion process. However, if you integrate these two platforms you will be present on the popular social media platform where people can buy things directly. In addition, you can create descriptions, images and other things that will make your offer more interesting in the eyes of Facebook users.

Another thing that is important about selling on Facebook with Shopify is that you will get access to useful analytics tools. Thanks to these tools, every business owner will be able to measure the success of his business operations. Keep in mind that you will need Facebook Pixel via Facebook Business in order to analyze your performance precisely.

In case you don’t find these advantages sufficient, we should remind you that in this way, users can buy things from you directly on Facebook. There’s absolutely no need to click on hyperlinks that lead to your online store.

As you can see, selling on Facebook with Shopify is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. The good news is that starting and finishing this integration is very easy and it won’t cost you much. If you still have dilemmas, remember that there’s a 14-day free trial period offered by Shopify and using Facebook is free.


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