How to get the most from your Facebook shop by Shopify?

//How to get the most from your Facebook shop by Shopify?

How to get the most from your Facebook shop by Shopify?

If you are following the latest trends in the field of eCommerce, then you probably know that having a Facebook shop by Shopify is a popular thing these days. There are many success stories that can confirm that such integration is beneficial for online store owners and for the customers too. If you are planning to start a shop like this or you already have one, you are probably wondering how to get the most from it. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place because we will share a few tips that can help you maximize the results of your Facebook shop by Shopify.

Optimizing the catalogue feed

One of the first things that you should try is to use more than one image in the Shopify Facebook catalogue feed. Think about this – whenever a buyer walks into a physical store, they are looking at the products from all possible angles. This is something that your online buyers should get too. Use as many images as you can and use images from different angles. Needless to say, these images must be of high quality.

Use the same descriptions

One of the most common mistakes that Shopify and Facebook shop owners make is the use of different descriptions for their products. This means that they have one kind of descriptions on Shopify and others on Facebook. This is something that can confuse your potential buyers and even make the suspicious. There is no need to create different descriptions, the content of these descriptions must match each other.

Use A/B tests

If you are offering products to different categories of people you can’t expect to get the same results from the marketing campaigns you are running. Use A/B tests to find out what’s good for your marketing campaign. The good thing is that Facebook is offering many options when it comes to advertising.

Turn URL tracking on

As you probably know, Facebook Pixel will take care of the tracking activity. But, by adding UTM tracking parameters directly o the product links on Facebook, you will get access to data related to campaign effectiveness. You can analyze this data and make even better campaigns in the future.

Update your Shopify Facebook product catalogue on a regular basis

Finally, don’t forget to update your Shopify Facebook product catalogue regularly. There are a few specially designed apps that can help you with this.


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