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Many authors use Facebook to promote their books and attract new buyers! How to sell on Facebook using Shopify? Read this article and find out!

Are you an author? Are you looking for a way to promote your current or upcoming book? Are you looking for a way to connect with your fans, grow your audience, and attract new buyers? You are at the right place. The use of social media platforms today is widely popular and accepted amongst the author community and the numerous benefits are already understood. Did you know that you can sell your books on Facebook? Yes, you can turn your Facebook page into a fully-functioning bookstore and start making money online. How?

Very easy – by using Shopify, the most popular ecommerce solution on the market. Shopify is a widely used ecommerce solution that gives people and businesses a quick way to set up an online store and securely sell their items. The best thing about Shopify is that very little technical skills and knowledge are required which makes Shopify the right ecommerce solution for writers and authors. In this article, we will discuss how to sell on Facebook using Shopify or how to sell your books online on the most popular social media platform. By reading this article, you will be ready to set up your own store on Facebook and start making real money. The first step to setting up your Facebook shop will be creating a new Facebook page. The Facebook pages are dedicated online pages you set up for business needs and purposes. If you already have a Facebook page, you can move on to the next step or setting up your Shopify store on Facebook.

You need to log into your Facebook profile and go to Shopify’s Facebook page. You need to scroll down and find the Sell on Facebook application (you can find this application in the Apps section). Once you will find the app, click on it. Shopify will then ask you to enter the following information and get started. You need to enter your email address, your store name, and a password. You will have to specify where you would like to start selling and you have 3 options to choose from – Facebook store, online store, and Retail store or pop-up shop. Once you will choose a preferred option, Shopify will require you to fill out a form. Complete the form and answer the questions asked to help Shopify know exactly what you plan to use the Facebook store from. Once you are done, your store will officially be set up!

Now that your Shopify Facebook store is ready, it is time to add books to the store. You will see an option “Add a product”. Click on this option to start adding the books (Shopify will ask you to add information about the title, short description, photos, and price information). It is super easy to add products and once you add all of your books you want to sell, you can officially start selling.

Shopify makes it super easy for you to keep track of all of the orders and collect payments. If you experience any problems, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support. They are here to help you out.

Shopify offers a free trial for all new users, and if you are satisfied with how the platform works, you need to start paying a monthly fee. For the purpose of selling books online, the $9 Shopify ecommerce plan is more than enough.